About Me


You can find my complete resume here. In short:

  • 2024–ongoing   Postdoctoral researcher @ TU Delft, part of AlgoSoc and Hybrid Intelligence
  • 2020–2024   Cum laude PhD in AI (TU Delft, part of Hybrid Intelligence)
  • 2017–2020   Deep learning developer and technical project lead at Fizyr
  • 2015–2017   Cum laude MSc. in Systems and Control (TU Delft)
  • 2012–2015   Cum laude BSc. in Automation Engineering (University of Bologna)

PhD graduation

I have recently successfully defended my PhD (cum laude)! You can find my dissertation here. Check out the amazing cover by Kamila Waszkowiak!


My research focuses on estimating personal values from text. In practice, I use Natural Language Processing techniques to identify the abstract high-level motivations that lie behind our statements (e.g., detecting the fairness vs. in-group loyalty conflict in conversations about immigration). The applications range from supporting citizens in having constructive online conversations (in collaboration with Populytics and the Haagse Hogeschool) to understanding the psychological needs of children and adolescents (in collaboration with the KinderTelefoon).

You can find a superficial overview of my research here.

You can find an overview of my research here.

You can find a recorded presentation here.